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Why Choose Optixanthin?

Astaxanthin and Virgin Coconut Oil: Not all equal

Researchers have demonstrated that natural astaxanthin is beneficial for various application, combining with Virgin Coconut oil has synergized the beneficial effects.

Being sourced from algae, astaxanthin’s quality is affected by the environment in which the algae is cultivated. The manufacturer of Optixanthin astaxanthin, employs the tightest and strictest controlled conditions for cultivation within the industry, yielding top-notch quality astaxanthin. This resulted in safe, pure and uniform biomass at each yield.

The absorption of natural-occurring astaxanthin is optimized with the combination of virgin coconut oil, synergizing the goodness and effectiveness of two superfoods.

Frequently asked question

    1. Is Optixanthin safe to be consumed daily?

      Yes, it is classified as Food Category under the Ministry of Health and as GRAS by USFDA; this means it is safe to be consumed as food. Despite its broad versatility and health benefits, 38,39,40,41,42,43, it is exceptional safe.

      Well over 100 studies demonstrate the safety of astaxanthin, even at mega-doses as high as 500mg per day, the only side effect documented is the possibility of developing reddening of the skin, which most people tend to find it attractive. It is reversible once the dosage is reduced to normal range.

    2. How much of Optixanthin should I take daily?
      If you are taking an astaxathin as part of your daily supplement, 4-6mg (ie 10-15ml once daily) of Optixanthin per day is recommended. However, for those with serious going or tendon-related health problems, or who exercise/engage in physical activity daily, 12mg (15ml twice daily) of Optixanthin per day is recommended. Speak to your healthcare provider before starting your daily regimen.

      Following is a table of recommended dosages that is provided as a rough guideline for consumers.

      Dosage of Astaxanthin (mg)
      2 to 4 Antioxidant, Immune System Enhancer, Cardiovascular Health
      4 to 8 Internal Beauty and Skin Improvement, Strength and Endurance, Brain and Central Nervous System Health, Eye Health
      4 to 12 Arthritis, Tendonitis or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Silent inflammation, (C-reactive protein), Internal Sunscreen
      Higher doses There is no toxicity level

    3. Do I need to take Optixanthin with food?
      Optixanthin is a fat soluble carotenoid, the absorption has been specially optimized with unique formulation. The fat in a meal will further enhance the absorption of both superfoods.

    4. Where can I purchase the Optixanthin other than online portal?
      Optixanthin can be purchased from all the Optimax Eye Specialist outlets and certain GP clinics e.g. Sena Clinic.
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