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About Optixanthin®

Our Culture

Optixanthin S/B is a subsidiary company of Optimax S/B, the multi-award winning Eye Specialist Centres.

Optixanthin S/B is a subsidiary company of Optimax S/B, the multi-award winning Eye Specialist Centres.  Quoting the culture of Optimax, Optixanthin is formed with heart and intention to always put people first in all the decision we plan and carry out. We uphold integrity, we have the capability and accountability to be innovative in the providing of world class products and services. We put you, first and centre of our move; we respect and care for your needs.

Through the years, we constantly remind ourselves of our humble beginnings, and acknowledge that without the support of the people, we will not be where we are today.

Our Mission

Optixanthin is a dynamic leader in the manufacturing of Astaxanthin in this region. We are a mission-driven company that aims to set standards of excellence in the production of healthy functional food and supplement with minimal processing, optimum results, in a “NATURAL” way.


Our Vision 

Optimum quality is a state of mind at Optixanthin. Our commitment is to produce and deliver world class high quality product that enables you to feel the difference in your health.


Our Core Values and Cultures, that is our PROMISE to You

We pride ourselves in having an outstanding company culture. For the values and practices we share as a team and for the attitudes we bring to work every day – always thinking and acting with the customer in mind.

  1. The people

    Our people are valued for being essential to our success. Our mission to lead healthier lives start with our employees, our greatest asset. We treat employees, customers, vendors and others honestly and with respect.

  2. Natural or plant based
    The active ingredients of Optixanthin products, are wholly derived from natural sources. Natural astaxanthin is extracted from microalgae Haematococcus pluvialis; which is in its most bioavailable form as compared to other marine sources such as salmon, krill and crab. This confers enhanced absorption of the products. It is our practice to ensure raw material are sourced in an environmentally and ethically responsible manner.

  3. Purity

    Being the astaxanthin specialist in this region, we source the best ingredients from reliable pioneered suppliers locally and worldwide. Stringent measures are implemented along the production line to ensure each raw materials are carefully processed to preserve their physical and chemical purity. Repeated laboratory tests are conducted to ascertain the finished products are free from environmental contamination.

  4. Potency

    Each of our innovative products are uniquely formulated based on in depth knowledge of formulation principles and science-backed evidences to achieve synergistic effects. Utilizing the innovative premium grade of astaxanthin powder, we aimed to delivering the required potency to let you feel the difference in your health.

  5. Quality and Safety
    We are committed and positioned to provide quality health products to our customers. All of our products are manufactured in accredited plants with local and international standards. We combine the best from mother nature and science to deliver premium grade products to cater to your exact need. Highly advanced technology, strict assurance and control resulting in superior products.

Being the astaxanthin specialist in this region, we only choose and partner with the best astaxanthin producer worldwide and locally.

One of our partners, AstaReal® astaxanthin is the most studied astaxanthin for its clinical efficacy and safety

✔ Pioneers in Cultivation, Research and Production
AstaReal is the pioneer in developing natural astaxanthin as nutrient ingredient and it is the 1st to produce natural astaxanthin commercially.  AstaReal has continued to lead the industry in research, safety, quality, technical innovation and reliability.
✔ Excellence in Quality, Setting the Industry Standard
Astareal sets the Gold Standard for the industry of natural astaxanthin, which is recognised as USP verification. Astareal’s astaxanthin sets the quality standard for all other manufacturers to meet.
✔ No. 1 for Safety and Efficacy
Astareal is the #1 researcher with 51% of clinical studies published in peer-reviewed journals. All of these astaxanthin ingredients are originated from Astareal.
Long-term 4 mg/day 6 months 40 participants
High-Dose 16·40 mg/day 4 weeks 132 participants
High-Dose 45 mg/day 4 weeks 22 participants

     Over 40 clinical studies were conducted with no adverse reactions reported. * (As of May 2018, AstaReal Report)