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AstaReal® Natural astaxanthin, one of the strongest and most popular antioxidant right now; backed by 30 years of science and research


Who are our partners? 

With the philosophy and company culture of bringing only the best to consumers, Optixanthin partner with only the world renowned counterpart: AstaReal®

The main active ingredient in Optixanthin products comes from AstaReal®, which has been the global leader in daily health management, prevention, and therapy with natural astaxanthin. AstaReal® pioneers the R&D since 30 years ago and it produces the highest grade of natural astaxanthin for human consumption.

Natural, vegetarian-friendly astaxanthin from microalgae Haematococcus pluvialis is known for its difficulties in controlling growth, stable and safe extraction. AstaReal® established the unique indoor photobioreactor algae cultivation system since 1994, and till date, it is a technology which other players not able to imitate. With the know-how and biotechnology of bioreactor, AstaReal® sets the Gold Standard for the natural astaxanthin industry; and this is the benchmark of Optixanthin.  

Uniqueness of Optixanthin lies with the fact that specialist doctors, medical practitioners, pharmacists and nutritionists are on the Optixanthin consulting team. 

The healthcare team understands that longer years of health span is more important than lifespan alone. The team responds to the society’s desire for health and longevity with nutrition science and natural astaxanthin.

What is Natural Astaxanthin?

Natural Astaxanthin belongs to a group of carotenoids that gives beautiful vibrant colors to many of the food that we consume; the bright orange, red and yellow color plants, vegetables and fruits. Carotenoids are pigmented phytochemicals; typically synonymous with Vitamin A. Astaxanthin can be found naturally in certain sea animals (e.g. lobster, crab, salmon, krill, shrimps) and microalgae. 

Driven by consumers’ demand for natural, plant-based health products, Optixanthin astaxanthin is produced from the cultivation and harvest of microalge H. pluvialis. Almost at the bottom of the marine food chain, H. Pluvialis supply astaxanthin and omega-3 fatty acid to sea animals and represents a sustainable and vegetarian alternative to both. Besides, it is known to have the highest bioavailable quantities of astaxanthin, and is approved by US FDA as safe to take (GRAS) and Japan as Medical-Functional Food.

Natural Astaxanthin: “The King of Antioxidants”

Research supports that astaxanthin has potent antioxidant effects which is

  • 6000x stronger than Vitamin C
  • 3000x stronger than Resveratrol
  • 800x stronger than CoQ10
  • 560x stronger than Green Tea Catechins
  • 500x stronger than Vitamin E

Fig 1: Astaxanthin is a pure anti-oxidant.

Fig 2: Astaxanthin spans through the whole cell membrane, protecting both the inner and outer layer of the cell.

Natural astaxanthin is so powerful as it cannot be converted into a pro-oxidant to cause destructive oxidation in the body; thanks to its stable chemical structure that span across our cell membranes.

Best natural anti-inflammatory:
Can astaxanthin be taken together with medicine?

Inflammation is a defence and healing process, it helps the body to get rid of damage source then repair the injured tissue. In general, inflammation causes redness, swelling, heat, and pain. These effects occur due to range of inflammation mediators that are released after a detected injury or attack. Some of the mediators are known as prostaglandins, tumor necrosis factors, interleukins, and nitric oxide.

Even though astaxanthin is not as powerful as pharmaceutical anti-inflammatories, it is found to be one of the strongest ones in nature, eases inflammation and pain without the side effects.

The best part of astaxanthin is that the healing benefits don’t stop at pain management. Such a strong anti-inflammatory also deals effectively with a number of other health issues e.g early ageing, chronic diseases, and brain related conditions which inflammation and oxidative stress are the root cause.

Not all astaxanthin products are created the same

Although it is ideal to get your micronutrients from natural food, you may not consume enough lobsters or salmon containing natural astaxanthin. Our in-house Optixanthin consulting team ensure standardised and effective dosage is delivered, rendering desired health benefits.

Being the natural astaxanthin specialist in this region, each of our innovative products is uniquely formulated based on in-depth knowledge of formulation principles and science-backed shreds of evidence to achieve synergistic effects. Raw materials are sourced in an environmentally and ethically responsible manner by nutritionists and pharmacists to deliver premium-grade products to cater to your exact needs.

Our advanced formulated products are all

Vegetarian Friendly


Allergen Free

Gluten Free

Starch Free

Our advanced formulated products are all

Vegetarian Friendly


Allergen Free

Gluten Free

Starch Free

Optixanthin was founded by the people at Optimax, a multi-award winning eye care provider in South East Asia; to source natural micronutrients to address different health concerns during different stages of life

Optixanthin is a subsidiary of Optimax Eye Specialist, Malaysia’s recognized eye specialist centre that was listed in Bursa Market in 2019. Optimax is 

Celebrating 27 Years of excellence and
over 300,000 satisfied patients

Optixanthin was made with the heart and intention of consistently delivering with integrity and coming up with new ways to offer world-class products and services.

Milestone Achievement on product quality and recognition

The continued trust and support from customer drives Optixanthin to achieve much more. Optixanthin is honoured to win the prestigious 2021 Natural Health and Good Health Magazine Readers’ Choice Award, for the categories of Best Eye health beverage and Best Functional Food for Brain Health. 

The true innovation and cutting edge formulation research in Optixanthin products shines across Asia. We are listed as the finalist of “Botanical Product of the Year 2022” by the international stellar panel of independent judges of Nutraingredients-asia. 

These awards are a great way to demonstrate our commitment to excellence, assuring only the best functional food and products reach to your hand.