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RM673.00 MYR
RM860.00 MYR

Introducing our exclusive Family Pack – a dynamic duo meticulously crafted to support both parents' and children's health, fostering optimal eye health for the entire family's well-being. This pack combines two boxes of Opti-i and three bottles of Opti-Kids, each formulated to address specific concerns and promote holistic wellness.

Opti-i is tailored to address eye concerns for adults and the elderly, focusing on nurturing and maintaining optimal vision. Meanwhile, Opti-Kids is designed to cater to children's eye health while providing an immune boost and enhancing focus. Discover more about Opti-i here and explore Opti-Kids here.

This Family Pack is a comprehensive solution for the entire family's well-being. With Opti-i addressing eye health for adults and the elderly and Opti-Kids supporting children's vision, immune system, and focus, it ensures a holistic approach to family wellness.