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RM670.00 MYR
RM1,007.00 MYR

Introducing our exclusive Family Pack – a comprehensive health solution designed to refresh your eyes, nourish your gut, support your respiratory system, and fortify your immune system. This pack combines two boxes of Opti-i and three bottles of Opti-B, each formulated to provide holistic wellness support.

Opti-i focuses on refreshing your eyes and offering overall antioxidant protection, while Opti-B serves as a nourishing tonic for your gut, respiratory health, and immune system. Learn more about Opti-i here and explore the benefits of Opti-B here. This Family Pack isn't just about supplements; it's about nurturing your family's health. Incorporate Opti-i for eye concerns and antioxidant protection, complemented by Opti-B as a tonic for your gut, respiratory health, and immune system support.