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RM716.00 MYR
RM1,047.00 MYR

Unlock the Power of Astaxanthin with Our Exclusive Family Pack! Elevate your well-being with Opti-C & Opti-B, crafted to support metabolic, heart, and cognitive health.

Delve into our meticulously curated Family Pack, where you'll discover two potent bottles of Opti-C and three specialized bottles of Opti-B awaiting you. Each component is meticulously designed to act as a guardian for your body's holistic wellness.

Opti-C stands as your comprehensive support system, targeting crucial areas such as metabolic, heart, and cognitive health. Meanwhile,

Opti-B steps in as your ally during indulgent moments, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable feast without the discomfort that often follows.

Explore more about the wonders of Opti-C and Opti-B to unveil the full spectrum of benefits for your health journey.