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RM380.00 MYR
RM618.00 MYR

Introducing our Personal Pack – the perfect solution for enhancing skin health, boosting metabolism, and fortifying your immunity. This pack includes two boxes of Opti-Cap and two bottles of Opti-B, each tailored to provide essential support for your overall well-being.

Opti-Cap is designed to energize your metabolism and promote radiant skin health, while Opti-B is crafted to fortify your immunity for robust wellness.

Discover more about Opti-Cap here, and learn about the benefits of Opti-B here.

This Personal Pack isn't just about exceptional supplements; it's about a routine that nurtures your health. The recommended consumption is simple: one Opti-Cap in the morning and 5mL of Opti-B in the evening. Easy, effective, and tailored for your convenience.